Chief Paskwa Education Centre

Chief Paskwa Education Centre (CPEC) is committed to a standard of excellence in all aspects of the education process by providing a unique learning environment that promotes and enhances the holistic development of each individual.

The staff, parents, guardians, students, Pasqua Education Board and community are responsible for fulfilling this commitment.

Chief Paskwa Education Centre Staff

Contact Information:

Telephone: (306) 332-1588

Twyla Saulteaux - Administrator

Twilla Asapace - Admin Assistant

Ann Margaret Obey - Targeted Behavior

Denise Cote - LRT

Denise Runns - Language

Kelsey Moore - Grade 11/12

John Koochicum - Grade 9/10    

Micheal Cook - Grade 7/8

Dennis Pepin - Grade 5/6

Nellie Goodwill - Grade 3/4

Nora Crowe - Grade 1/2

Samantha Gold - Kindergarten

Deidre Missens - EA

Katherine Obey - EA

Donivan Cappo - EA

Mathew Strongeagle - EA

Marie Peigan - EA

Aberham Woo - EA

Lisa Cyr - Stay In School Coordinator

George Reynolds - Head Of Maintence

Noella Strongeagle - Janitor High School

Lester Peigan - Janitor Elementary