Zelda Peigan Memorial Daycare

The Zelda Peigan Memorial Daycare Centre is located in the lower level of the Circle of Care Health Centre at Pasqua First Nation.The Head Start Program is located at the Circle of Care Health Centre amalgamated with the Zelda Peigan Memorial Daycare Centre.

The History of the Daycare

There lived an Elderly lady who loved children and she gave most of her time to the children. She contributed a lot to see these little children have a wonderful time during various activity functions and holidays, such as Christmas and so on. Unfortunately, she passed away and in honour of all of the work that she did for the children and Pasqua First Nation, the community of Pasqua First Nation named the daycare in honour of this terrific lady, Zelda Peigan.

The Zelda Peigan Memorial Daycare Centre strives to create circumstances in our environment which reflect the goals and values of our First Nation culture and also teaches the children the uniqueness and the importance of their background and lifestyle. The daycare centre focuses on the development of each child as an individual, with age appropriate material and activities prepared on a daily basis.

The Daycare Centre is licensed for twenty-four (24) spaces through the File Hills Tribal Council licensing board. We are funded for twelve spaces. Every licensee and their staff shall ensure no fewer than staff/child ratio is present at the childcare facility.

Hour of Operations

Monday to Friday

8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

(Closed all weekends and observed holidays)

Members of Pasqua First Nation are first priority for Daycare services. Request to enroll child(ren) requires two days notice in advance of registering child(ren). With regards to Child Care Fee’s, please contact the Coordinator at the Daycare Centre.

Day Care Staff

Myrna Obey - Daycare Coordinator

Kylee Strongeagle - Casual worker

Colette Strongeagle - Childcare worker