Post Secondary

Currently Pasqua is fully funding 31 full time students, which means living allowance, tuition and books, The programs also assists approximately 35 band members into short term training such as short term programs with a certificate, diploma, or apprentice type training. Band members that are interested in post-secondary education you can get an application from the Post-Secondary Co-ordinator at the Band Office.



The annual budget for the Post-Secondary Program that we recieve from AANDC formerly (INAC) is $698,654.00. The majority of the budget is spent directly on students. We spend approximately $300,000.00 on living allowance for 32 full time students. We also pay $280,000.00 on tuition for students. We spend approximately another $45,000.00 on books.

Currently we are funding 32 full time students and 11 part time students. We are at the maximum in terms of funding students for the fiscal year. We do have a number of students that will be done their programs this year. Congratulations to those students who will be convocating later on in the year.


Some important dates to remember are:

June 15 is the deadline for Fall semester application.

Nov. 30 is the deadline for Winter semester application.

In the near future we will be putting the Post-secondary policy manual, application and continuing students application on the Pasqua First Naion web site for the membership.

Lorriane Cyr

Post-Secondary and Employment Coordinator

For more information on applications for the Bachelor of Indigenous Education please contact Lorraine Cyr Post Seconday Coordinator at 306-332-5697 or toll free 1-888-820-2201.

Pasqua Post Secondary Students if you are attending school in the fall please download a application and members that are wanting to apply for funding for the fall also down load and application if you have any other information please contact Lorraine Cyr at 306-332-5697

Application for Funding (PDF)

Continuing Student Form (DOC)

Lorraine Cyr

Post Secondary Coordinator