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Indian Registry Clerk

Benefits of Registration:

  1. Certain non-insured health benefits, thorugh Health canada (prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, medical supplies and equipment, short term crisis intervention, mental health counselling and transporation to access medically required health services not availble on the reserve or community of residence.)
  2. Possiblity of post-secondary education assistance, usually through the band; 
  3. Treaty payments, if applicable;
  4. Possibility of Federan and Provincial sale tax exemptions.

Membership in a band is determined by:

  1. The band under section 10 of the Indian Act;  It is very important for individuals, specifically to the parents of a child who is being registered, to know that if they register their child in the Indian Register in affiliation with a section 10 band, they will have to apply for band memership to the C&C of that band. All decisions on who can become a member of a section 10 band are made by the band itself in accordance with the membership rules it has established; or
  2. A piece of self-governement legislation separate from the Indian Act; or
  3. The Indian Register under section 11 (Pasqua is a Section 1 band), if neither of the above has occured. If the band list for an individual's ancestral band is maintained by the department, the individual will be included in the Indian Register (unless they requests not to be included in the band list); and individual would be asked to make a band choice if the parents are from different bands.

Benefits of membership may include:

  • The right to reside on reserve
  • Right to housing on reserve
  • Voting privileges within the band
  • Right to involvement in the community affairs.

Indian Registry & Treaty Card days are:

Wednesday - Thursday
8:30am - 4:30pm

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