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Stay in School/Youth Coordinator

Cindy Desnomie is the Stay in School/Youth Development Coordinator, she has been working in the Youth Developments area since 2008.  As the Stay in School Coordinator she distributes monthly attendence allowances to students.

As the Youth Development worker she has got grants and donations for the program areas for services to our youth such as coaching clinics so we have certified coaches to train our youth and referee clincis so that we have officials to referee our home games. To be able to access grants, we needed to be a member of the Saskport Inc. Cindy sits on the board as a director for our district. The Sports and Recreation (Youth Development) does not receive funding from any agencies other than SIGA dollars, so the Youth Development has monthy meetings and they fundraise regularly for the program.

Soccer was the closest running league in our area, so we learned together what this sport was about.  Teaching the youth that to excel at anything takes committment and a willingness to be open to ideas as well as volunteerism and fundraising.

The main goals is to increase community activity and volunteers to make the programs possible and positive for all involved.  To also have the volunteers and youth feel supported and appreciated.  We would like to have temas on reserve as well as school teams because when the youth are involved in sport or something they enjoy, their learning level excels as well as feeling motivated for their postive contribution to the communtiy.

Our goals:

  • Increase physical fitness
  • Increse leadership skills
  • Increase paritcipation and awareness
  • Youth Development offers 75% funding for sports to our youth these sports can be:
  • soccer
  • basket ball
  • boxing
  • hockey
  • dance
  • martial arts
  • volley ball

 For any information regarding Youth Development please contact Cindy Desnomie at (306) 332-3763 or toll free 1-800-518-1561 or at CPEC 306-332-1588

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