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Business Opportunities

PFN Group of Companies is always seeking to engage in new business opportunities & partnerships. As a First Nation business in Saskatchewan we are paving the way for the future in Business Development & Partnerships.

We have been active in Business Development & Employment initiatives primarily in the Natural Resource Industry, and are seeking to expand into various other industries such as: Tourism/Hospitality, Agriculture,  Import/Export and other various industries where PFN Group of Companies could add value and contribute to overall economic growth.

PFN Group of Companies is open for discussions on business development  opportunities & partnerships that will enhance the lives of our community, surrounding communities and the people of Saskatchewan.

We at PFN see great potential working with industry to also engage First Nations into entering the workforce, which will benefit industry and the workforce shortage many are facing. With First Nations being the highest growing and youngest population in Canada, we see the benefit in investing in our First Nations to bring the skills and knowledge to the workforce.

The Board of Directors at PFN Group of Companies are focused and eager about the current and future opportunities we are involved with and welcomes industry to partake in future endeavours with us!

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