Public Works

Albert Agecoutay - Public Works Coordinator

He’s been here since July 2011. Public Works department is responsible for roads, water, sewer, sanitation, community buildings, peace keepers & fire control. The Public Works Department Staff are as follows:


Dion Peigan - Heavy Equipment Operator

Davey Obey - Maintenance Worker

Robert Obey - Maintenance Worker

Kris Agecoutay - Truck Driver


Dean Strongeagle, Thomas Missens, & Percy Gordon


Donovan Strongeagle

Community Buildings

Gary McKay

Peace Keepers

Alvin Kahnapace Jr. & Mathew Stroneagle

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at: 332-1346, 332-5697 or Fax 332-5199

Pasqua Public Works Department
P.O. Box 79
Pasqua, Saskatchewan
S0G 5M0
Telephone: (306) 332-1345
Telephone: (306) 332-1345