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PFN CCP 2015 contact person

Jessica Gordon is the PFN Community Navigator for the CCP process. She can be reached at:

  • the Band Office - (306) 332-5697
  • toll free - 1-888-820-2202
  • her cell - (306) 716-2789

Purpose of the Community Navigator

Jessica Gordon is a Pasqua First Nation Member and now also the Community Navigator. She will assist the Pasqua members in the preparation and implementation of its Comprehensive Community Development Plan. Jessica will engage the Pasqua community to build a roadmap to sustainability, self-sufficiency and improved governance capacity.

Jessica’s life’s work has been in developing community, individual capacity, self-determination and nationhood. She has a firm belief that communication, strategy and planning are the keys to success for our First Nation. This value will ensure successful implementation of coordination of the Community Development Initiative that Pasqua and other communities are undertaking.


The Pasqua members, community and Chief and Council understand the importance of strategic planning.  Pasqua has had its Community Plan developed and in place since 2010.

This document will serve as the foundational document in the implementation of Pasqua’s Comprehensive Community Development Plan.

Although we greatly value the work and leadership of Pasqua First Nation, Community Development will be led by the membership living both on and off reserve.

The Scope of Work & Tasks that Jessica will complete are to:

  • Work with the established a Community Advisory Group;
  • Gather background information to understand the current situation in the community and summarize the findings in an overview document;
  • Review the assembled information to understand what needs to be changed or built on, based on the community’s challenges and possibilities;
  • Work with the community to be led by the Vision Statement and Values for what the community should look like in the future;
  • Build a Comprehensive Strategic Framework as the basis for the community plan;
  • Set Goals and Objectives as the strategic pathway for the community to take to fulfill its vision;
  • Identify Activities and Projects to help achieve those goals and objectives; and
  • Create an Implementation Strategy including priorities, indicators of success, responsibilities, timeframes, and required resources and support for implementation.
  • The above work will be summarized in monthly reports which will be updated on the website.
  • Please feel free to call Jessica anytime to either just talk over the phone or meet for coffee!  

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