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Parent Mentor

Rhonda van der Breggen is the Parent Mentor for Pasqua First Nation she works with young parents and children of the community.  She provides transportation for young mothers to their prenatal classes and infants medical appointments.

The program offers:

  • Breastfeeding promotions, education and support
  • Nutrition screening, education and counseling
  • Maternal nourishment
  • Supportive activities such as a cooking class

The Maternal Child Health Program (MCH) is a program offered to Pasqua First Nation's parents. Our vision for the program is all pregnant First Nation women and families with infants and young children who live on reserve will be supported to reach their fullest development and lifetime goals. This program provides accessible, local, and integrated Maternal Child Health Services which are responsive to client, family and community needs resulting in improved health and social outcomes for the pregnant women and their families. I provide community needs in the areas:

  • Improving the communications between the CHN, family doctors, obstetrician and provincial public health staff to provide effective interventions of “At Risk” births
  • Integrated approach of program development and delivery
  • Appropriate support and monitoring for “Art Risk” prenatal clients and new mothers
  • Access to transportation for medical or appointments
  • Access to safe child care to enable parents to participate in programs and services offered
  • Traditional concepts and cultural knowledge to be incorporated into health care and health education
  • Development of resources for teen mothers
  • Parent Mentors act as a resource for young mothers and “At Risk” parents involving one on one exchanges and interaction with a group of women
  • Resources in different mediums need to make prenatal and postnatal programs more attractive
  • Personal development and self care to be incorporated, issues include isolation , variety in household arrangements, conflicting information not in control of own decisions
  • Role clarification of existing providers to maximize the use of existing resources
  • Providing record or care to empower client and improve care coordination and communication

As for the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorder I provide information and resources to the families along with support.

Contact the Parent Mentor

For more information contact Rhonda van der Breggen at 306-331-7730 or toll free 1-800-518-1561

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