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Treaty Entitlement & Lands

TLE Lands

We are pleased to announce that we have purchased over our required shortfall amount of 6800 acres of agricultural lands. Acreages have been purchased in Southern Saskatchewan and around the Lipton/Cupar area. We continue to seek lands that will provide a healthy return on investment as we lease these lands out to farmers. We have yet to purchase any Urban Lands as we have obligations under the TLE Agreement before we can move forward on purchasing Urban lands.

Reserve Lands

We have been talking with members who have traditionally farmed on the reserve and are no longer farming. We have been requesting that they turn the lands back over to the band so we can issue permits to farmers that are willing to pay per acre to farm. to-date we are happy to report many members have agreed to return the lands that are not being farmed back to the band, the monies from the farmers that are holding permits to farm on the reserve benefits all band members as this money goes directly into our Capital Account held in Ottawa. These monies have been used in the past for band members such as Christmas time.

    • Treaty Land Entitlement Board

      • Vacant

        Shirley Agecoutay

        Richard Missens

        Brenda Missens

        Eli Kahnapace

      • Tatroy Lerat

        Kevin Missens

        Nadine Peigan

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