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The housing department has currently started construction on 16 CMHC rental units on July 5, 2012, all units are being built in the subdivision to keep costs at a minimum; this allows the band to be able to construct more units to meet the growing demand for housing. The project is projected for completion June 1, 2013. For housing applications or if you would like to submit a housing application for housing or would like to make payment arrangements or maintenance fee please contact Josephine Dubois. You can also Print off a housing application on the link below.

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  • New Housing

  • The Pasqua First Nation Housing Department is currently constructing Phase 19 which consists of 4 four bedroom units and 4 three bedroom units.  All units are currently being built at another location on Pasqua, but will be moved to a 3rd subdivision located on the Pasqua First Nation Reserve in the spring of 2017. Pasqua First Nation is utilizing contractors from the Pasqua First Nation to construct these 8 units.

  • Independent Living Complex

  • In the summer of 2016 Pasqua First Nation held a grand opening to celebrate the completion of the ILC units. These units were built specifically for Pasqua First Nation Elders and members with disabilities who still wish to live independently on their own. The ILC provides a safe drug and alcohol free environment for those who fit the criteria to reside in these units. At the request of the elders committee it is in the ILC policy that in order to reside in these units each applicant must:

    • Must be an Elder or person with disabilities of the Pasqua First Nation
    • An ILC application filled out completely
    • Provide a CPIC and
    • Provide a drug and alcohol test
    • have no outstanding debts to the band or any Crown Corporations (SaskPower/SaskEnergy)

    If you are interested in Family Housing or an ILC unit each applicant must:

    • Be 18 years or older
    • Be a member of the Pasqua First Nation
    • Have no outstanding debts to the band or any Crown corporations (SaskPower/Saskenergy)

    Applications can be picked up from the Pasqua First Nation office or you may also print an application off by clicking on the link below.  It is your responsibility to update changes/phone numbers/family size and income.  Applications are valid for one year from date received. If we have not placed you within that year, it is up to you to re-apply in order to show continued interest.

    The Housing Department would like to remind everyone that the Pasqua Band does have rental fees on their CMHC unit which are due every month.  Nonpayment of rent affects not only you as a tenant but the community as a whole.  For inquires on rent or to make payment arrangements you may contact Josephine Dubois in the Housing Department @ TF 1.888.820.2202 Ext 239 or 306.332.5697 Ext 239

    • Housing Committee

      • Glen Cyr

        Danielle Poitras

        Edmund Jordan

      • Rhonda Van Der Breggen

        Tiffany Cyr

      • Caroline Stevenson

        Josephine Dubois